Must Have Items for Primitive Country Decorating


Do you have a collection of items that you bought at an auction, flea market or garage sale or those that belonged to your grandparents? Are you interested to know if this collection would be suitable for your primitive country d?cor? This article will provide some insights on the types of collections which Primci country decorators display and some of the ways that they use to showcase them.

You might have some cardboard backed pictures or tin pictures sitting around your house in your attic. Whether you bought these photos or they are of family members, they will make an excellent display and conversation area for your home.

Skeleton keys may be hung individually on the walls with ribbons and placed in a shadow box or arranged in a small grouping. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Learn more about interior design at

Whether your quilts were bought at a flea market or they are family heirlooms made by your great grandmother, there are numerous ways to display them. You might opt to put them on a quilt rack which stands on the floor or perhaps one that hangs on the wall. You might even want to preserve them and keep them from the elements by storing them in a glass sided chest or cedar chest.

A lot of things which are bought in plastic containers today were once offered in glass bottles. Because these bottles are no longer available to you, they make for a unique display. You can find them at antique shops, garage sales, and flea markets. An awesome way to display old bottles is to put them in window will where the sun will shine through them in an old wire milk bottle basket, check it out!

Game boards were a favorite hobby of families around the country. There were made from wood at one time you may take a little or large collection and hang them on an old wall. You may use each one of the checker board or mix and match your game boards.

Whether you have whisks, antique spatulas, cheese slicers or something you are not sure what purpose it serves, you can hang these things on a wall or together with the underside of your upper cabinets. Most of these items will become a conversation starter as people attempt to figure out how they were used.

In the past, homes did not have carpets but large rugs in them. Women would take them outdoors and use rug beaters to remove the dust and dirt from the rugs. A perfect place to display rug beaters is up and down the walls in the stairway.